Wireless Network Assessment

Wireless is not a “nice to have thing” anymore - it is an essential.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, users are more demanding than ever before. To be able to keep up with users expectations it is mandatory to have a wireless infrastructure that can cope with the demand.

Why a wireless assessment is a great value

Regardless of the size of your wireless environment, there will be an incredibly short ROI on a wireless assessment. Invisible problems which support staff have spent days trying to get to the bottom of can be clearly and immediately identified, and remediation plans put into place. Once remediated, support tickets for the wifi go down, freeing up your support staff, and your users productivity goes up. How much valuable time is lost in your day dealing with wireless connection or throughput problems, or waiting for a meeting to start while the presenter’s laptop roams?


  • The rate of mobility growth is faster than most enterprises can adapt and accommodate

  • Interference - multiple devices fighting to have good experience on the same frequency

  • Each user connects on average three devices to their Enterprise Wireless infrastructure everyday

  • Some of the most popular issues reported by end users are: Roaming, slowness, dropouts, bad video and audio quality, weak signal

  • The constant changes in the environment, either by an office layout change or by having more devices connected on a specific area

Assessment Overview

  • Scoping call to identify current environment and existing challenges

  • Walk-through site survey carried out with specialised tools that provides an accurate analysis of the Wi-Fi Spectrum, Roaming and the Wi-Fi coverage

  • Wireless Access Point location review

  • We analyse coverage and channel utilisation in order to identify the ideal location and the number of WAP’s needed to meet demand

  • Deep review of the existing setup and configuration of the wireless network

  • Analysis on how secure is your wireless network (all SSID’s)

  • Software images versions and hardware models review

Extensive and comprehensive WiFi Report including

  • Existing network with current challenges

  • Clear explanation why those challenges are impacting the Wi-Fi performance

  • What we saw on the Wi-Fi space during the survey

  • Floor plan with suggested WAP’s new location (if applied)

  • Quick wins - configuration changes and optimisations

  • Long term evolution plan: How to make your environment issue-free and future proof

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